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age: 2.8
gender: male
location: posterior fossa, 4th ventricular mass extending out foramen of lushka
diagnosis: anaplastic ependymoma
pre-treatment: none
source: surgery
stage: m0 at diagnosis, metastatic recurrence
efs_(months): 12.6
os_(months): 19.2
pathology_of_human_tumor: h&e stained slides show a neoplastic proliferation of cells. the cells have round to ovoid nuclei with speckled cytoplasm and are forming perivascular pseudorosettes. focal areas have hemorrhage and geographic necrosis, though the vast majority of tissue is viable. in many areas, the neoplasm is quite cellular. mitoses are present but number less than 5 per 10 hpf in a random count (selected areas have more than 10 mitoses per 10 hpf). rare foci of vascular proliferation are present, separate from zones of necrosis or granulation tissue.
mouse_strain: nod scid gamma (nsg)
site_of_transplantation: cortex
protocol: olson lab pdox protocol
days_to_p0_p1_p2: 326 115 -
pi: james m. olson
contact: http://www.btrl.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/cryo-tube.jpg

entity: ependymoma
subgroup: pfa
curated_lesions: 1q gain

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plot: epd-710fh_p1
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