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R2: Genomics analysis and visualization platform
R2: Genomics analysis and visualization platform

Website: https://r2.amc.nl
Website: https://r2platform.com

Conceived by: Dr. Jan Koster (jankoster@amsterdamumc.nl) (Profile)
Lead Developer: Dr. Jan Koster (jankoster@amsterdamumc.nl)

The R2 Genomics Platform is a free, publicly accessible web-based genomics analysis and visualization platform allowing biomedical researchers, without bioinformatics training, to integrate, analyze and visualize clinical and genomics data.
The R2 platform has been conceived and initially developed within the Department of Oncogenomics headed by Prof. Dr. Rogier Versteeg of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

People involved in development, data processing, concepts and support of the R2 platform:
Jan Koster, Richard Volckmann, Danny Zwijnenburg, Romeo Willinge Prins, Lieke Hoyng, Christian Griffioen, Rogier Versteeg, Jan Molenaar, Marcel Kool, Linda Valentijn

For support on any aspect of the R2 platform (suggestions, remarks and/or questions), you can get in contact with us via r2-support@amc.nl. For official matters you can get in contact with Dr. Jan Koster (jankoster@amsterdamumc.nl)

We can also be reached via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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