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Alternative names:
age: 15.9
gender: female
location: cortex, right frontoparietal
diagnosis: pnet
pre-treatment: radiation and chemotherapy
source: recurrent, autopsy
stage: m0
efs_(months): 18.2 from diagnosis
os_(months): 30.7 from diagnosis
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pathology_of_human_tumor: the majority of the tumor present in the resected tissue appears only moderately cellular. the cells appear markedly atypical with large, hyperchromatic nuclei, numerous intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusions, and a few scattered atypical mitoses. these very abnormal appearing tumor cells are embedded within a fibrillary stroma. sprinkled throughout this stroma are smaller, round to spindled cells, which are often hyperchromatic with an occasional mitosis. in part b a small fragment of more normal appearing cerebral cortex contains a few infiltrating large pleomorphic tumor cells. part b also includes foci of more cellular tumor comprised of primitive appearing small round blue cells embedded within a somewhat granular appearing tumor matrix. mitotic features appear more abundant in these less well differentiated tumor foci.
mouse_strain: nod scid gamma (nsg)
site_of_transplantation: cortex
protocol: olson lab pdox protocol
days_to_p0_p1_p2: 326 224 131
pi: james m. olson
contact: http://www.btrl.org/product/pnet-212fh/

entity: high-grade glioma
subgroup: pedrtk1
curated_lesions: tp53 (loss chr17 + missense mutation), cdk4 (amplification), pdgfr (amplification), tert (amplification)

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plot: pbt-06fh_p2
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