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age: 5.3
gender: male
location: cerebellum
diagnosis: medulloblastoma, anaplastic large cell
pre-treatment: none
source: surgery
stage: m1
efs_(months): >60
os_(months): >60
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pathology_of_human_tumor: h&e stained sections contain sheets of small round blue cells with scant cytoplasm. the cells have variable nuclear morphologies including some multilobate nuclei and many angled nuclear contours. numerous karyorrhectic debris is present and 25 mitotic figures are counted in five high power fields. many examples of cytoplasmic "wrapping" around adjacent tumor cells are found. regions contain cells arranged in some nests with intervening fibrous tissue with reactive inflammatory infiltrates consisting of lymphohistiocytes. no necrosis is identified, but a single focus of glomeruloid vascular proliferation is present.
mouse_strain: nod scid gamma (nsg)
site_of_transplantation: cerebellum
protocol: olson lab pdox protocol
days_to_p0_p1_p2: 187 148 154
pi: james m. olson
contact: http://www.btrl.org/product/med-610fh/

entity: medulloblastoma
subgroup: grp4
curated_lesions: prdm6 activation (structural rearrangement + overexpression)

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plot: med-610fh_p2
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