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age: 2.8
gender: female
location: cerebellum
diagnosis: medulloblastoma, classic
pre-treatment: none
source: surgery
stage: m3
efs_(months): 15.5
os_(months): 30.8
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pathology_of_human_tumor: h&e stained sections show a densely cellular neoplasm which surrounds the cerebellum and appears to infiltrate meninges. the neoplasm is composed of round to oval cells with scant cytoplasm and hyperchromatic nuclei, arranged in nests, cords and sheets. mitotic figures are numerous and there are regions of necrosis, including pseudopalisading. tumor cells frequently abut vessels, which are prominent. foci of larger cells are present with multinucleated forms, but overt anaplasia is not seen. the tumors are largely synaptophysin positive and gfap negative. diffuse ki67 positivity is present.
mouse_strain: nod scid gamma (nsg)
site_of_transplantation: cerebellum
protocol: olson lab pdox protocol
days_to_p0_p1_p2: 151 110 105
pi: james m. olson
contact: http://www.btrl.org/product/med-2312fh/

entity: medulloblastoma
subgroup: grp4
curated_lesions: isochromosome 17

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plot: med-2312fh_p2
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