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age: 5.2
gender: female
location: cerebellum
diagnosis: medullolastoma with myogenic differentiation
pre-treatment: none
source: surgery
stage: m0
efs_(months): >60
os_(months): >60
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pathology_of_human_tumor: sections demonstrate a cellular round blue cell neoplasm composed of sheets of undifferentiated cells with minimal cytoplasm and hyperchromatic nuclei. the cells are often elongated and carrot-shaped. myoblastic differentiation as evident by the presence of elongated strap cells with focal cross-striations present in a significant portion of the tumor (at least 30%). these cells stain for desmin. microvascular proliferation and frequent mitotic figures are seen. normal cerebellar tissue is present in part e with an infiltrating interface with the tumor.
mouse_strain: nod scid gamma (nsg)
site_of_transplantation: cerebellum
protocol: olson lab pdox protocol
days_to_p0_p1_p2: 186 224 118
pi: james m. olson
contact: http://www.btrl.org/product/med-210fh/

entity: medulloblastoma
subgroup: grp3
curated_lesions: nras (missense mutation, hotspot)

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plot: med-210fh_p2
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