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R2 Introduction Workshop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R2 is a publicly accessible web-based program (http://r2.amc.nl) allowing biomedical researchers, without bioinformatics training, to integrate clinical and genomics data.

To help researchers get started, the department of Oncogenomics is organizing a 1 day introduction workshop with hands-on training on Monday December 9th (09:30-17:30).
The workshop will cover the essentials of working with genomics data in R2 and will be an excellent opportunity to learn how to use this versatile tool.

If your department is:
Studying a specific pathway in disease
Trying to find biomarkers in specific tissue
Investigating the function of a specific protein
Involved in any kind of molecular biology
Then this workshop may be of interest to you.

To register for the upcoming workshop click here.

Please feel free to spread the word to anyone who may be interested. A PDF flyer for this event can be found here.

Kind Regards,

The R2-support Team

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